Steglitz House

2009 – 2010
16mm b/w film
9 minutes
original media: HD video transferred to 16mm film
installation images at Shifting Realities, Cologne, 2010 by Bridget Baker

installation dimensions at Shifting Realities: 471 x 321 x 171 x 350 cm
installation dimensions at Galerie GUM: 329 x 255 x 182cm
materials: plywood, rear-projection fabric, 16mm projector with looper, stereo sound system.

Steglitz House was filmed inside a miniature construction of a 1930s West Berlin home in the Arikalex Museum in Steglitz, Berlin. Working with macro-lenses and using slow tracking shots, this filmic psycho-drama slowly explores the rooms of a recently abandoned furnished home. Steglitz House maps Baker’s personal mythologies and attempts to locate an ambiguous and forgotten past within adopted and relational histories.

location in Germany
Arikalex Museum, Steglitz, Berlin

scenario and direction by Bridget Baker
director of photography Moritz Kaethner
producer Swenja Babucke
production assistance Sabine Schmidt
focus puller Gregor Grieshaber
grip Jérôme Lauer
additional props manufactured by Bridget Baker
camera Sony HDW-F900R

off-line edit Ronet van der Walt and Bridget Baker
on-line edit Ronet van der Walt (Fathomm – Cape Town)
sound composer Braam du Toit
film transfer Simon Burley (RPS Film Imaging Ltd. - London) ( Shifting Realities )
film print Soho Film Lab, London ( Shifting Realities )

16mm film print funded by Plan 10 for the occasion of Shifting Realities, 2010.
installation construction for Shifting Realities by Atelier Friedhelm Schöler, Cologne.

installation construction for Steglitz House, Galerie GUM by Klaus Dieter Braun, Bielefeld.

© images Bridget Baker