The Blue Collar Girl (Durban)

lambda print and diasec at Grieger, Dusseldorf, Germany
60 x 241.5 cm


seamstresses Ronel Wagener and Shaidha Dramat
wig styling Shirley Naidoo at the Hilton Hotel
props Pretty Ancient Antiques in Durban
additional performers at the City Hall Auditorium The Durban City Orchestra and Bridget Baker

producers Wendy Faull and Bridget Baker
project documentors Mekeshnie Moodley and Andre Moodley
location Scouting Emil Gertz and Bridget Baker

locations in Durban and Tongaat, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa
the Durban City Hall
Davinscot Manufacturers

photographer Angela Buckland
photographer’s assistant Renata de Gersigny