The Blue Collar Girl (Maputo)

lambda print and diasec at Grieger, Dusseldorf, Germany
54.5 x 241.5 cm


seamstress Ronel Wagener
wig styling Polana Hotel Hairdresser
extras in Chez Rangel Bar Celeste and waitrons at Chez Rangel Bar
rigger João Ferreira
yacht skipper Clive Stringer

production and location assistance in Maputo Rui Assubuji, Nuno, João Ferreira
production and location assistance in Cape Town Lizza Littlewort and Ashleigh McLean
photographer in Cape Town Herman Van Wyk

locations in Maputo, Mozambique
Maputo Harbour
Chez Rangel Jazz Bar at the train station

location in Cape Town, South Africa
Nico’s Boilermakers, Culemborg

photographers in Maputo João Costa (Funcho) and Abrie Fourie