so I become small and active

Bielefeld, Germany

40 polaroids and a trophy

For so I become small and active BB bought a trophy at the local trophy shop in Bielefeld, Germany. BB approached people with 09h00 - 17h00 jobs in their work place. The project started with the mayor of Bielefeld who agreed to have a polaroid taken with the artist, after the project was explained in broken german. BB wanted to capture the moment of sharing the exchange of a trophy. This moment was noted on the polaroid with the person’s position in the institution, the date and a signature. The project became noticed by some who didn’t have jobs, or were too young to have jobs, but who wanted to take part. BB agreed. 40 polaroids were collected during a three month period. The only person who would not take part was the Director of the Bielefeld Kunsthalle (2000).